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    Nutritional Immune System Support Legal Disclosures

    As a dietary supplement, Cannabidiol (CBD) has not undergone FDA testing.

    As a dietary supplement, Nano Silver has not undergone FDA testing.

    Nutritional Nano Silver supports normal cell membrane impermeability to hemorrhagic and other viruses, maintaining homeostasis. Like other nutrients Nano Silver does not provide a pharmaceutical treatment of disease.

    Nutritional strategies to achieve and maintain a healthy status may be powerful and effective in certain situations. Since the options for selection of nutrients and serving sizes can be confusing, we suggest that all of you who choose to be in private association with us take time to learn about your own nutritional needs. Nutrients are food and when used to supplement the diet are not subject to drug approval procedures by any government agency.

    We advise prudent due diligence by the consumer using all available sources of information including the internet (e.g., google, and similar) as well as scientific studies (e.g., and similar) to see all viewpoints. The National Institutes of Health and PubMed have cooperated on a web site that includes large numbers of nutrient studies. You may find that here: .

    We also recommend consultation with professionals trained in nutritional strategies for health and well-being (e.g,, and similar).